On the spiritual father

The spiritual father is a man whose very presence manifests power, not over people, but over the fallen angels. He knows the road of spiritual growth. His heart is sufficiently "purified from passions" and therefore spiritually open, while his mind in mourning and prayer dwells in such an "opened heart". It is a work and struggle in which the entire human being participates. It is here that the mystery of transformation takes place. The grace of Holy Baptism, which springs from the "purified heart”, transforms the mind, the word and the person of the spiritual father. The mind becomes "illumined", the word has "power", the presence bears witness to Christ.

The word of the spiritual father reaches the very depths of the spiritual child's heart and transforms it from inside: it brings light to his faith, strength for his struggle, gives him hope during the spiritual warfare. Through mutual personal relationship it spiritually gives birth and raises the new, in Christ, man. The relationship "spiritual father – spiritual child" is a Holy Mystery of interpenetration and growing in Christ.

(excerpt from the book Homily from Vodoča , a part of the interview – “if we do not end the war in our hearts, it will always manifest itself” – for the Dnevnik, april 2001)

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